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Therapy Workshops

Join STAR Therapy Dogs for an overview of what is involved in becoming a therapy team. We discuss how to become a member of a national registry, explore venues for you and your dog to serve throughout the community and stress the importance of relevant laws and rules you are required to follow. Join us for the fun roleplaying exercise of presenting your dog on a visit to our mock nursing home, Cozy Acres. If you have ever wondered if you and your dog would make a good therapy team, this is the place to come to explore the possibilities and have all your questions answered.

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Several times a year, we hold one-day workshops for people who want to become therapy handlers. After nearly twenty years, STAR has a great many "alumni" working in the field.

These workshops are held at the Franke Home in Mt. Pleasant.

Why a Workshop?
There are many ways to become a therapy team, and for almost twenty years S.T.A.R. has offered a helpful workshop – an overview of therapy work in all its different forms.  Call or email us if you would like more detail about the content of these workshops.

Note: there are no prerequisites for these workshops. The CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test, though helpful as an indicator, is not required. Therapy classes, similarly, are not required. Dogs attending the workshop should have good manners and no aggressive behavior

Spring Workshops 2023 

Upcoming schedule coming soon 

However, you do not need to wait for our next workshop as you can start preparing at home today!

The below items are designed to ensure you and your dog are properly prepared once testing begins.

  • Check out the About Therapy Dogs page on our website to review what it takes to be a therapy team.

  • If you think you and your dog are a fit, start preparing!

  • Spend time researching which national registry is the best fit for you and your dog.

For information / registration email us at

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Spring 2023 Event Calendar Coming Soon

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